We’re a collective of people who believe in the power of making.  This blog is where we teach, so you can be powerful too.


Knitting, sewing, and raising a baby in the sunflower state.


I own and run Fenceline Fabrics and A Thrifty Notion here in the rolling hills of the tallgrass prairie. I’ve been quilting for over 20 years. I’m equally in love with modern and vintage fabrics; if they get along, they can be in the quilt. At my core, I love any project that helps my family be more self-sufficient and sustainable.


I’m a prairie-dwelling Southern mermaid named for a song in  musical. Making offers me a respite from my day to day work in early childhood education. For me, quality and content are interconnected with sustainability and central to my practice. Even on a grey day my favorite place to be is on the sand with my toes in the ocean. I am honored to share my sewing journey here.


I’m part of a midwestern family that thrives in the country. I like to read and write and watch scathing television episodes. Quilting is also my thing, with enough time between and surrounding projects that they accumulate in an alarming fashion. I read the words, digest the words and then slightly rearrange the words around here.